Which Do You Prefer — Low Rise or High Rise Condominiums?

Living in a condominium can provide a level of convenience that you may not get while living in a house. Certainly, the space and comfort of a house can still be experienced; however, with a limited yard work. However, you need to choose between living in a low rise or high rise condo building. Read on so you can find the real differences between the two and the advantages you can get out from them.

A low rise unit has included a garden style condo with an exterior entry or exit that opens onto a central courtyard or garden patio. These are condominiums that are one to three stories in height, although in some buildings these can reach up to six stories. Sometimes, this type of condo can even be confused as townhouses. They are typically accessible by taking short steps on the stairs, which may somehow be uncomfortable but can be good exercise.

Low rise condos are much cheaper than high rise as they are not provided with security teams that work 24/7. They don’t also include small shops and amenities, but they can be just nearby. These are located in areas where it is quiet, peaceful and more private than those found within the city limits. They may have you commute to work or provide entertainments that high rise condos don’t have.

When you live in a high rise condo, you see from your window a stunning view of the city, nearby mountains and the surrounding countryside. They can be situated in a central location making it more convenient for living and working. Restaurants and theatres are just nearby. The condo is provided with a central lobby where a security station is set up. Monitoring and security access of the units can make it safer to live, specifically that it’s a city dwelling. Your guests may find it difficult to come and visit you as they need clearance.

High rise condos are also provided with elevators making it more convenient for traveling up and down the building. There’s also an entrance accessed from the inside making it a great choice especially during bad weather. Maintenance of its amenities is covered by your lease and other condo fees. They can also provide you laundry and dry cleaning services, fitness centers and the pools.

The extra features offered by high rise condominiums come with a price. Tenants typically pay more expensive condo fees just to enjoy all its features. The building also houses various types of tenants from foreigners to locals. They may also cover bigger patio spaces than those found in low rise condos. However, with low rise condos, you can be offered more privacy.

So how do you select which one is right for you? The best way is to select a real estate agent who is willing to show you its several units available. It’s a way for you to see the layouts that you like, the height of building you prefer, and which parts of town that fit you the most.

How Can a Homeowner Easily Find His Dream House?

House hunting can be a fun but overwhelming experience. Choosing a home from the many listing you see from a realtor can be difficult at first, but can be easier after carefully thinking about it. You need to narrow down your choices for what you want to have and cannot have. Also consider the features that your current home has, the homes of people you know, and those you have passed while driving around town. You also may want to consider the contents of the house, especially when you plan to buy and move in it.

If you live with kids, you need to consider the number of rooms the house can give. You may also want an at-home office and playroom. If you plan to live with a senior family member, or is expecting a new baby to come, you need a room to accommodate their needs. Also count the number of bathrooms and the storage space in the house. Then check the kitchen and the dining room space where your family can enjoy eating meals.

Every individual has things they can’t live without. You need to write down what you truly need. It can be a garage, a workroom or a fireplace. You may want a great view of the outdoors by having a huge window to view it. You can also have a swimming pool where you can swim and enjoy with family. Or you may wish to secure your pets and children at all cost.

You will want to have great outdoors to stay with when you’re not inside your house. You want to see how big it is and if it requires lighting, fencing, maintenance, and safety. Perhaps you need to consider a good landscaping to satisfy your pleasing eyes. Perhaps the yard has surrounding trees that needs daily sweeping of the leaves. Or it can be grass that needs regular mowing. Ensure that the yard can be easily maintained.

Think about how the house was constructed. Perhaps it could have used siding, stucco or brick. Think about the number of stories you need for your house. You need to consider the number of people planning to live in it. You also need to consider its convenience and mobility. Your choices will have to depend on how the house was built and the comfort it can provide your family.

The bottom line of choosing the house is its affordability. You need to ensure that you can pay the amortizations of the house. You don’t want to encounter future problems along the way, especially that you need to pay taxes and utilities too. Assure yourself that you can pay all house expenses for a considerable amount of time.

As the realtor can show you complete lists of houses you can buy, narrow them to what you truly prefer. This can streamline the process and make the house hunting experience more enjoyable. You certainly are a potential buyer to the dream house you’ve always wanted.

Kopitiam Square

Kopitiam Color
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Punggol and Sengkang residents (especially from Upcoming Treasure Crest EC) are now able to appreciate a fresh market and food center in the center of Sengkang, called ‘Kopitiam Square‘. This modern marketplace and food center sets itself apart from its rivals by factoring in mindsets and the demands of the younger generation residing in Sengkang into its layout and construct. Shop and this then will draw in the younger bunch to eat at Kopitiam Square with its modern facilities and tremendous collection of drinks and food.

Sengkang’s 1st Marketplace cum Food Centre plans to be the focal point in the North East precinct of Singapore, not only as marketplace center and a food but also as a community space where residents can gather and bond with friends and family.

There are 60 food booths offering an excellent variety of local hawker cuisine including the “must have” chicken rice, bak kut teh, char kway teow, zi char, roti prata etc. Besides food costs that are competitive, patrons also get to appreciate an additional 10% price savings when making payment at participating booths with their Premium Kopitiam Cards.