Which Do You Prefer — Low Rise or High Rise Condominiums?

Living in a condominium can provide a level of convenience that you may not get while living in a house. Certainly, the space and comfort of a house can still be experienced; however, with a limited yard work. However, you need to choose between living in a low rise or high rise condo building. Read on so you can find the real differences between the two and the advantages you can get out from them.

A low rise unit has included a garden style condo with an exterior entry or exit that opens onto a central courtyard or garden patio. These are condominiums that are one to three stories in height, although in some buildings these can reach up to six stories. Sometimes, this type of condo can even be confused as townhouses. They are typically accessible by taking short steps on the stairs, which may somehow be uncomfortable but can be good exercise.

Low rise condos are much cheaper than high rise as they are not provided with security teams that work 24/7. They don’t also include small shops and amenities, but they can be just nearby. These are located in areas where it is quiet, peaceful and more private than those found within the city limits. They may have you commute to work or provide entertainments that high rise condos don’t have.

When you live in a high rise condo, you see from your window a stunning view of the city, nearby mountains and the surrounding countryside. They can be situated in a central location making it more convenient for living and working. Restaurants and theatres are just nearby. The condo is provided with a central lobby where a security station is set up. Monitoring and security access of the units can make it safer to live, specifically that it’s a city dwelling. Your guests may find it difficult to come and visit you as they need clearance.

High rise condos are also provided with elevators making it more convenient for traveling up and down the building. There’s also an entrance accessed from the inside making it a great choice especially during bad weather. Maintenance of its amenities is covered by your lease and other condo fees. They can also provide you laundry and dry cleaning services, fitness centers and the pools.

The extra features offered by high rise condominiums come with a price. Tenants typically pay more expensive condo fees just to enjoy all its features. The building also houses various types of tenants from foreigners to locals. They may also cover bigger patio spaces than those found in low rise condos. However, with low rise condos, you can be offered more privacy.

So how do you select which one is right for you? The best way is to select a real estate agent who is willing to show you its several units available. It’s a way for you to see the layouts that you like, the height of building you prefer, and which parts of town that fit you the most.